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Homepage and index of recent blog posts, music reviews, concerts, bands, articles and music festivals.

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Movie Review: "Sing Street" is an 80s Music Lover's Dream


With all the noise on the internet, it's rare to stumble upon something so good, so perfect and lovely that you feel like you owe it to humanity to share it. But that's exactly how I feel about "Sing Street," a newly released movie about a 15-year-old boy growing up in Dublin in 1985 who starts a band to impress a girl...

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Desert Trippin' Down the GoldenVoice Lane


You have to give Paul Tollett credit. He not only created Coachella but curates who we see every year. It’s the first festival of the year and it’s a beautiful event. Goldenvoice (GV) is on their game 24/7 and they set the tone and artist schedule for everything that happens for the year in every festival in North America and beyond. Don't believe me? Look at LCD Soundsystem...

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Sia at Coachella: Bringing Emotional Art to the Masses


Watching Sia perform at Coachella was witnessing the love of music and art come together -- and oh my, was it beautiful.  I literally stood there, prepared to be astounded (from the ridiculously rave reviews from Week 1, I knew what was coming) and I was still shocked. 

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Pushing Through the Masses


There’s a spot I want to get to and I’m going there.  I’m going to be kinda nice.  I’ll tap on your shoulder.  When I do, be kind and just move to the side just a few inches. Rule #1 of dealing with people in crowds, when someone really wants to go through the crowd, let them.  Push them along.  Seriously.

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