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The Death and Destruction of Pop Culture in One Fell Swoop


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The Death and Destruction of Pop Culture in One Fell Swoop


I loathe The 1975. Ask EvilTapo; we've had many, many conversations about how their particular brand of screed makes my ears bleed (and not in a good way). (EvilTapo is not immune to this sort of sound hate. Go ahead, ask him about Coldplay. I'll wait here.)'s Greer Clemens has a good, thorough article about The 1975, their lyrics and "irony" (ugh, really?). It's a good read, but it doesn't make up for the fact that their songs make my stomach churn more than chugging a quart of buttermilk that's been left in the sun for three days straight.

// C O A C H E L L A 2 0 1 6 // #The1975 #coachella

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