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Why Coachella Matters


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Why Coachella Matters


Coachella is special for a lot of reasons.  It’s worth your time, dollars, attention.  This festival has turned into the benchmark for all others.  EVERY festival copies what Coachella will do this year and the next five.  They set the standard.  There is plenty to complain about with any festival.  Sure.  You try and get 65k+ people in your yard for 13 hours a day over a weekend and it’s just not going to go smooth.  Coachella makes it pretty damn smooth.  They’re true professionals at the experience.  I’m constantly amazed.  I’m sure they have their haters but so do puppies and warm chocolate chip cookies.  Basically, fuck them.

Coachella has a knack for having something special on the OUTDOOR Theatre just as the sun is setting.  It’s an unreal experience yet you think it could never happen again and it does.  Always.  In past years, Broken Bells, Lorde, The National Alabama Shakes, Tame Impala, Best Coast, Belle and Sebastian, Neutral Milk Hotel, Local Natives have all benefited from this perfect 12 minutes in time.

You’re there feeling amazing and it’s because it’s that moment when Coachella hits its stride for the day.  At that moment, it’s untouchable.

In 2016 you’ll have the Kills, the amazing Courtney Barnett and, ever perfectly placed for the final day, Edward Sharpe. 

Coachella really made their set times difficult this year.  It’s part of their plan.  It’s kind of a battle across the board but they nailed it for the OUTDOOR Theatre. 

I’m gearing up.  I may have already been packed since Monday.


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