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Homepage and index of recent blog posts, music reviews, concerts, bands, articles and music festivals.

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Arcade Fire's New Signs of Life on "Everything Now"


Arcade Fire knows what they’re doing. They’re no longer striving to be the cool kids who mask their naivete with denim jackets and Doc Martens (although their current tour get-ups are plenty cool with exactly those items). They no longer need to shout their lyrics to be heard; people are listening.

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The Cure Fascinate Fans with 3 Nights (and 55 songs) at The Hollywood Bowl


We at EvilTapo are about the music and the joy that it brings to our lifestyles. And last week, BeeGee of the EvilTapo ministry was fortunate to spend a good chunk of time immersed in The Cure’s three-night residency at the Hollywood Bowl, witnessing a mind-blowing performance each and every evening.

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Movie Review: "Sing Street" is an 80s Music Lover's Dream


With all the noise on the internet, it's rare to stumble upon something so good, so perfect and lovely that you feel like you owe it to humanity to share it. But that's exactly how I feel about "Sing Street," a newly released movie about a 15-year-old boy growing up in Dublin in 1985 who starts a band to impress a girl...

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Sia at Coachella: Bringing Emotional Art to the Masses


Watching Sia perform at Coachella was witnessing the love of music and art come together -- and oh my, was it beautiful.  I literally stood there, prepared to be astounded (from the ridiculously rave reviews from Week 1, I knew what was coming) and I was still shocked. 

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The Sugar-Sweet Attack of The Last Shadow Puppets


The Last Shadow Puppets, a side project of charismatic heartthrob Alex Turner (frontman of the Arctic Monkeys) and singer/guitarist Miles Kane (formerly of the Rascals), may not be well-known to those outside the mainstream Arctic Monkeys circles, and that's perfectly fine by TLSP devotees...

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