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Pitchfork Music Festival Mixtape Freebie


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Pitchfork Music Festival Mixtape Freebie


Let's be honest here, friends. Most corporate "mixtapes" suck. I mean, I used to buy those Hear Music compilations at Starbucks (I'm a sucker for French music, bossanova, and ukelele tunes). But it's a been a while (probably coincides with my Spotify "discover weekly" love affair). And when I saw this little ad pop up on my latest FanBridge/NoiseTrade email, I was more than a little suspect because (surprise, surprise) it's underwritten by a food company. 

Yes, yes, you say, but it's Clif Bar and they're green, good for the enviro, blah blah. And really, if it's comprised of Pitchfork Music Festival artists, how bad can it be? 

Actually, not bad at all. I dove right into Martin Courtney's dreamy, jangly "Airport Bar" and then hopscotched from the driving industrial sound of Girl Band's "Pears for Lunch" to the lazy 70s Sunday-in-the-pool song "Mood" by Porches. Holy Ghost!, RP Boo, Kevin Morby (an EvilTapo fave from FYF 2015), the buzzed-about (and rightly so) Whitney, indie posterboy Sufjan Stevens and my kids' current obsession Twin Peaks round out the mix.

I say give 'em your dang email, or a gmail account you never use, and get you some summer lovin' right now.