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Blues Party for the 4th of July


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Blues Party for the 4th of July


I'm a long-time fan of Putumayo's eclectic collections. It probably stems from my background as a traveling military brat, or maybe my college job at Cost Plus, where blends of international beats and songs were the norm. To this day, I associate the sound of African drums or Brazilian dance music with the smell of exotic coffee and colorful handmade beads. And I love mixtapes (which explains my love of Spotify playlists). Another confession: I still sometimes buy compilation CDs at the register at Starbucks; I loved Rendezvous a Paris, Songs for Long Narrow Stretches and Mele o Hawaii

But anyway.

Putumayo's latest CD is an upbeat mix of American blues that would make Eric Clapton's guitar-picking fingers go nuts. It's perfect for your Independence Day BBQ, a dusty road trip or just hanging out, doin' work.

Here's a lil sampler. Consider it a cocktail weenie before you reach for the full bratwurst.