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Coachella Rantings. Kind of.


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Coachella Rantings. Kind of.


  • I want to bring a drone in.  Sounds fun.  Kidding…sounds horrible.  Coachella says no.  I’m extremely happy they said no to this.  I can’t imagine a drone flying around me.  I would go looking for anyone with a drone console and tackle them.
  • Please don’t try to bring in a selfie stick. It’s for your own good. I just don’t want to take it from you, break it, and hand it back in pieces, watch you cry.  This is exactly what will happen.
  • Guns vs. Grimes.  Seriously, fucked up.  I want both.  I can’t have both.  This is by design.
  • Ellie Goulding vs. Savages.  That’s just wrong.  So wrong.  Both, strong artists that should not be competing against each other.
  • I hope the Kills destroy the stage.
  • Thank god for St. Germain at 7:00 on Friday.  Unfortunately, in a tent.  However, happy to have them at that time slot.  My head is already raging (it’s 7:34am on Thursday) and I’ll need St.G to calm me down on Friday.  Why?  Because…
  • I’m going to say it: LCD SOUNDSYSTEM is NOT a headliner.  Whew, I feel better.  They are headlining several festivals this summer.  They have never been a headliner before.  WHY NOW?  Because they’re coming back?  Quick, name me that great amazing LCD song you have never been able to shake from your skull....waiting…..and, DONE!  There isn’t one!  Yes, they were the co-headliner for Jay Z in 2010 and that about clocks it.  They should be right there.

Coachella does this and I kinda love it.  However, they have also forced Gorillaz and Phoenix on the masses as headliners but really, that’s their only two misses at this particular moment.  LCD may be amazing.  We’ll see. 

Coachella has been amazingly consistent in pulling the top talent.  It’s well documented that Paul Tollett has tried to get The Smiths to Coachella.  Paul had Black Sabbath booked in 2013 before it was cancelled due to Tony Iommi’s cancer battle.  At the time, this was huge.  They had a real album coming out.  This was big news!

Did you know Coldplay headlined in 2005?  I was there.  I don’t even remember.  HA!!!! NO ONE REMEMBERS! 

  • Don’t miss Wolf Alice.  Or, Cloves.  Sia. Flume (heads up, of course)
  • Don’t miss Deafheaven but really, it’s a hard show to see closing out Sunday against Calvin Harris.  Last time Sir Harris played Coachella, it was ridiculously amazing.  The word on the musical street is he’s going to be flush with guests.  I get that.  Yeah, he has Ms. Taylor Swift on his arm and Rihanna is rumored to blow up the stage with her appearance.  For me, I loved what Kaskade did last year.  He was simple, straight ahead and was all about the music. 

That’s it…Remember this: 


  • Back to DeafHeaven, hard time slot there for the black-shoegaze-metal-monsters of the Bay Area.  They are worth your attention.  See them in a club.

I’ll be at Sheer Mag, Friday at noon.  You should be there too.  Find me.

Thumbnail image: drone shot at Coachella 2015,